Co-Curricular Activities


Believing strongly that Co-curricular activities help students build their character and personality, a great deal of initiative is being undertaken at Nava Bharath.

On The Spot Speech

It is an opportunity where the students are accessed to bring out their inner potentials.

Kho Kho

Being a complicated and a tactical sport, Kho Kho helps players to craft their strategies for intense physical activity and stamina.


Thoroughly facilitated Music Department with multiple modern instruments involving professional trainers adds glamour to the motto of the school.

Newspaper Reading

Students are made to read newspaper everyday as they can gain a great sense of educational value through this. Students gain access to update their knowledge about Politics, Economy, Entertainment, Sports, Business, Industry, Trade and Commerce. They also improve their English skills and vocabulary. Individual News Papers are supplied to each student.

Orchestral Unit

It is a unit comprising the students with instinct musical capabilities. The students enjoy the expert guidance rendered by the professional trainers.

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