Stay Hall


There are 20 Stay halls that are separately set up for boys and girls which make students feel at home after their busy schedule in the evening.
The school’s Stay Halls are not just a place for students to only reside but also a place to trigger their inter personal skills in several ways with peers. Doubts are cleared by the supportive teachers whenever demand arises there. Individual attention is extended to the students by the Principal and the Chairman himself .
These Stay Halls are specifically a model for nurturing a sound body and steady mind for the students. They are self-sufficient in all respects and are geared to meet the need of every student. The multiplied services that the students avail inside the Stay Halls include:

  • Full sized cushion beds.
  • Inbuilt infirmary.
  • TV Hall.
  • Convenient bathrooms with modern comforts.
  • Efficient electric hot water storage devices.
  • Telephonic Communication facilities for students to access their parents on Sundays.
  • Resident assistants to attend immediate needs.
  • Reading Halls for Personal Study.
  • Safety iron gate with separate securities.
  • Usage of Fans and Lights even during Powercut.

What makes our school special?

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