Extra-Curricular Activities


Extra curricular activities are given prime importance here to ensure that the students nurture their inborn talents under the expert guidance of professionals. At Nava Bharath , a student has a plethora of activities to choose from. The extra-curricular classes provide further avenues to enable the students to enhance their artistic skills.

Physical and Health Education, Art Education and Work Experience are compulsory and are dealt effectively in the non-scholastic area.


Yoga is professionally taught to the children to attain balanced mind and body to win challenges ahead . The students are also prepared for the yoga contests that are organized within and outside the school premises.


The school is very proud to produce dancers in Classical, Contemporary and Western categories under able and trained teachers.

Fitness Gym

A highlight of the new Gymnasium at our School is the New Fitness Room. The Gymnasium is fully equipped for cardio strength, and functional sports training. To ensure that the fitness room is used to its maximum potential, the School keeps the room open for staff and students every day.


The world’s most popular game, Soccer, has a legion of adoring fans and players in Nava Bharath School. The well-organized boys’ and girls’ teams take part in several Inter-School and Inter-House Football Tournaments.


Basketball is arguably one of the School’s most-loved games , catching the imaginations of students from the elementary level up to the senior level. Our School has a magnificent full-size Basketball Court.

Shuttle Badminton

Shuttle Badminton is a popular sport amongst students and staff at school. With the construction of the new Gymnasium, featuring three Badminton Courts, the school is now fully equipped to bring back Inter-House Badminton Competitions for the students.


Nava Bharath School is a co-educational boarding school for students from grades 3-12 that offers a full-time figure skating programme. Top coaching and training are provided preparing students for high degree of achievements.

Table Tennis

Our students are being trained by highly talented Physical Directors in Table Tennis. Inter House Table Tennis competitions are held in the school premises so as to develop a good sense of sportsmanship in children.


An important characteristic of Our School is to make the students achieve their best in Athletics. The strong tradition of excellence in our school academic programme carries over to the playing fields, where Nava Bharath teams are league contenders, and often champions, year after year. The collaboration and co-operation demanded by the team, the growth and development that stem from testing athletic talents and skills directly against those of others and the development of personal character forged in competitive games and races have always been a part of Nava Bharath Athletics. Hence, the athletic programme strives to develop every student’s physical capabilities and to develop qualities such as courage, confidence, self-discipline and Sportsmanship.


Volleyball has not only been the fun time sports for boys but also our girl students have been fairing well in the game. Interested students are given special coaching every evening and morning. The studnts have taken part in many Inter School Competitions and have bagged Medals and Certificates.


As an impetus, many children who are unable to participate in physical activities are prepared for indoor competitions like Carrom.


One of the brilliant games, Chess is offered to children as an exercise of infinite possibilities for the mind, one which develops mental abilities throughout life: Learning how to solve a problem is more important than learning the solution to any particular problem. Through chess, children learn how to analyze a situations by focusing on important factors and by eliminating distractions. Students also learn to devise creative solutions and put their plan into action.

School Band

The school contingent is admirably trained to perform outstandingly well on all important occasions.

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