The 10th Annual Athletic Meet of Nava Bharath School was held on 30th of July 2016 with great enthusiasm and spirit. Shri.S.S.Murthy, Commandant, 118 Battalion Border Security Force was the honourable Chief Guest of the day. He gave an inspirational and motivational speech and mentioned how the student’s life is important for the country and the importance of sports for a student. Shri.Anil Kumar, Deputy Commandant BSF, Shri.Davendra Chopra, Asst.Commandant BSF, Shri.Harendra Kumar, Asst.Commandant BSF and Shri.Sunil Bhatt, Asst.Commandant BSF were the special guests to grace the occasion. The chief guest, special guests, trustees and parents were given a warm welcome by the band troop. The National flag, the sports flag and the school flag were hoisted by the honourable chief guest Shri.S.S.Murthy, Mr.Shanmuga Sundaram.G.K, Managing Trustee and Mr.Nandhakumar.K.P, the Chairman of Nava Bharath schools. The highlight of the day was the house displays. All the house displays were excellent but the eye catching display was performed by Omega House. The students’ Gymnastics, Yoga demonstration, Mass drill and Girls marching formation were well appreciated by all. The students were marching like young brave soldiers towards victory. Overall championship trophy was owned by Omega house. Mr.Nithyanandhan.S.N the Secretary of Nava Bharath schools addressed the gathering. It was a memorable day in all Navabharathian’s life.

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